About Us

Our Mission

To inspire our members to become the best version of themselves.

Our core values

Create genuine relationships: Creating strong relationships with our members is the root of what we do. We hold each member of the PFP family in high regard and take pride in knowing what makes them unique. Allowing time to build each relationship is vital to understanding and being able to meet people where they are and best relate to them; on their level.

Dedicated to making a difference: Our aim is always to make improvements in people’s lives-the way they see themselves, their health and longevity, and helping them move and feel better. We want to change the way fitness is done and improve the industry.

Empower people to realize their true potential: We develop a mindset of change and growth within our members, teaching them how to set goals and put the right actions steps in place. Our goal is to achieve the extraordinary with each and every client.

Do what we say we are going to do: Our team depends on each member fulfilling their role in order for us to accomplish our mission and we count on everyone executing to get the job done.

Strive to WOW: We go above and beyond what is expected of us to create a remarkable experience. We are more than just a workout and do things that other gyms wouldn’t do.

Committed to personal and professional growth: We are never complacent in our pursuit of knowledge and improvement. We live with integrity in regards to what we teach with nutrition, fitness, personal health and goals.

Community: We are a borderless community of individuals varying in all levels of fitness and health. sharing one common goal; To understand the essential importance of self-care and how it affects not only ourselves but the health and well-being of those around us. We believe that understanding our individual fitness journey and maintaining our health empowers us to share these experiences with others in the community through empathy.

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