WHY Pursuit Fitness
will work for you!

Our members are just like you. Real people who have put their health on the backburner to their families and careers, and suddenly realize that they’re missing their “old selves”. You want to break out of the cycle of “trying – failing – and trying again” to regain your energy and fitness. You need something different and something lasting. Something personal. We’re confident our P3 Method is the most effective way to achieve the true lifestyle transformation you desire and our community will be the place where you find unwavering support and inspiration.
Get off the treadmill & break through the cycle
We don’t do fad diets and quick fixes. If you want that type of plan, we are not for you. But if you want to stop guessing what exercises to do or what to eat, our guided, progressive program will help you make lasting changes that will impact your health and fitness for years to come. We’re in this journey for the long haul to help you create a change for life.
Go beyond “hello” and “goodbye”
Most gyms begin with a brief orientation and then you’re on your own. We begin with an assessment, but that’s only the first step. Sure, we want to know about your fitness level and goals, but we also understand that you’re not working out simply to be strong. We want to know what’s important to you outside of the gym so that we can tap into what’s really motivating you, give you a dose of inspiration, and keep you moving safely in the right direction. In short, “hello” at the beginning of your workout and “goodbye” at the end aren’t enough for us. We want to get to know you because we care.
Be inspired by our entire community
There’s a big difference between being in a room full of individuals who are working out and working out with a community of like-minded people. Our PFP family is one of the most unique and valuable assets of the gym. We don’t allow drop-ins and we search for quality members because we care deeply about our environment and want to make sure our members always feel welcomed, inspired and motivated.


group training

At Pursuit Fitness & Performance, we have the most unique form of group training in St. Louis. We start with an individual assessment, then identify your strengths and weakness and teach you the color coded band system used in our Group Metabolic Training Workouts.

personal training

Personal Training at Pursuit Fitness & Performance is the quickest way to achieve your goals. At PFP, personal training is individualized fitness training programs in a semi-private atmosphere of two to four people.

Nutrition Programs

At Pursuit Fitness & Performance we are committed to our members’ success, so we make sure they understand the critical relationship between exercise and nutrition. The Balanced Habits Nutrition Program is open to both members and non-members.


Rick M.

“My wife and I have tried many times to start work out plans, but never stuck with them more than a couple weeks at a time.”

Anise P.

Mother of 4 boys and business owner gets off blood pressure medicine and stables her blood sugar!

Kathleen P.

“My family told me they were worried about me when I hit 250 lbs. They wanted me to be around a long time…”



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