Jenni B.

"In 6 weeks I am already back to my pre-maternity clothes!"

I had my first child, a beautiful baby boy, in October. By the end of my pregnancy, the scale was hitting numbers I thought I would never see. I was looking for a fun, motivating way to get healthy and back in shape. A friend, and member of Pursuit Fitness, let me know about the ‘New Year, New You’ contest. It was the perfect solution for me. Not only did the program include challenging workouts, but there was also an easy to follow meal plan to get my diet back on track. Plus, a chance to win a vacation added a little extra motivation!

In the 6 weeks I have participated in the challenge I have dropped two pants sizes and am already back in my pre-maternity clothes. I have recently become a member of Pursuit Fitness and am looking forward to my next challenge – getting ready for swimsuit season! Thanks!

~ Jenni B.